Our Vision

We dream of a church that develops and utilizes creative methods to touch thousands of people with God’s grace so that every family in Wayne County is introduced to the love of Christ.
We imagine 5,000 people of various ethnic backgrounds attending our weekend services – where 50% have yet to receive Christ.
We visualize the day when it is common for believers to have relationships with the lost and to be equipped to share their faith.
We hunger for the development of leadership training where Christians are matured in their faith and deployed for church-planting and compassion ministries around the world.
We dream of helping believers discover a life mission which results in sending members around the world with the message of Christ.
We hunger for an environment of love, laughter and joy where 3,000 people have joined in membership.  We see children and students who are so excited that they can’t wait to get here.
We hear worshippers praising God through diverse worship styles that stay current with our culture and cause people to stand in awe at the presence of a Holy God.
We long for Christ-followers who practice fervent and constant prayer and God’s guidance in all we do.  We picture scores of believers who are seeking God on behalf of each other.
We dream of a place where Believers bring lost friends to find answers to the issues of life and experience life-change through culturally-relevant and Biblically-centered preaching and teaching.
We envision small groups and Adult Bible Fellowships that live out the “one-anothers” of the Bible so that all believers feel loved and included in the Family of Grace.
We picture an atmosphere where hurting, broken, confused and grieving people find love, acceptance, hope, forgiveness and guidance.
We see thousands of disheartened and distracted people becoming fully devoted followers of Christ, personally committed to disciple-making.
We imagine all believers using their God-given SHAPE1 for His glory and the benefit of others 1(Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, & Experiences).
We desire a facility designed to provide for the needs of thousands of people with flexible space in order to accomplish ministry in an ever-changing culture that needs the love of Christ.